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导读:一、词组符合 fit in with 利与弊 pros and cons 依赖 rely on 讨论中的 in question 例如 for instence 超过,溢出 spill over 插话、协调,一致 chime in with 打断别人,插话 cut in 结束争论或争吵 in quits 主管 in

体验商务英语教师用书3(2012年6月版) unit1 brands 答案ppt  第3页
体验商务英语教师用书3(2012年6月版) unit1 brands 答案ppt 第3页

一、词组符合 fit in with 利与弊 pros and cons 依赖 rely on 讨论中的 in question 例如 for instence 超过,溢出 spill over 插话、协调,一致 chime in with 打断别人,插话 cut in 结束争论或争吵 in quits 主管 in charge 归属感 sense of belonging 竭力找出 seek out 将……排入旅程,接受 take in 非常乐意 more than happy 报销经费 expense account money 免费 for free 有……的资格,有权享受…be entitled to 把……放在一边, (暂时)丢下,省下 put aside 赊购账户 charge account 为了 in an effort to 使人感到难堪的是 to one's emrarrassment 现有,在手头 on hand 生根,被牢固树立 take root 从……开始 start with 来自……,来源于…… derive form 品牌异国化 foreign branding 销售行业 marketing industry 诸如此类……,等等 to name just a few二、填空1.We will incorporate(吸收;吸纳)your suggestion in this new plan. 2.The heavy rain hampered(妨碍;阻碍) the flow of traffic yesterday. 3.She displayed(展示;表现) no emotion on the witness stand. 4.The restaurant has a good reputation(名声;美名). 5.I promise I will handle the matter impartially(公平地). 6.Williams abused(滥用;妄用) his position as mayor to give jobs to his friends. 7.She thought they would approve(批准,核准;认可) of the idea. 8.We say that this was a(n) violation(违反;违背) of the agreement between us. 9.We will also visit some museums, for instance(例如), the Forbidden City. 10.This is the basic principle that underlies(构成…的基础;作为…的原因) all of the party’s policies.

11.They proposed(提议,建议) making arrangements beforehand. 12.If you assign(指派;分配) this task to somebody inexperienced, the results will most likely be less than satisfactory. 13.The coffee is so full that it might spill(超过;溢出) over. 14.Both his parents are vague(模糊的,不明确的) about where he is at the moment. 15.The first item on the agenda(议程) was how to cut down the cost in production. 16.He said that a few people were injured in the accident, but without specifying(明确说明;具体 指定) how many. 17.The thief has apparently(显然的,明显的) fled without taking any money. 18.Repetition is one of the most effectively(有效的;生效的) ways for remembering new words. 19.The two companies signed an agreement to renew(恢复; 重新开始; 续借) their partnership for another five years. 20.The instructions in the manual should be made explicit(清楚明白的,直率的) so as to avoid any misunderstanding. 21.Full-time employees are entitled(给…权利) to receive health insurance. 22.They have made amazing(令人惊异的) achievements in the past few years. 23.The Temple of Heaven is a tourist attraction(景点;吸引;吸引力) in Beijing. 24.Leave your itinerary(行程,旅程;旅行指南) so that we can reach you in case of emergency. 25.For relaxation(放松;消遣) nothing compares with a day on the beach. 26.This is a restaurant where the locals(当地人,本地人) go to eat. 27.We believe that this organization will serve regional(地域性的;地方性的) and world peace. 28.The thin shirt is transparent(透明的) in the sunlight. 29.This is the only country in Europe to deny(拒绝给予或允许) cancer screening to its citizens. 30.Please tell me the procedure(程序,步骤;手续) for opening a savings account in your bank. 31.Cable television companies have launched major campaigns to increase their number of subscribers(用户;订阅者). 32.The big company merged(结合;融合) various small businesses. 33.The ideas of parents usually take root(生根;被牢固树立) in their children. 34.We've discussed all the marketing options(选择权;可选择的用户) and decided to go for television advertising. 35.The original (起初的,原先的)settlers in North America are the Indians. 36.The company's new car is based on an environmentally friendly concept(概念;观念;想法). 37.She has her own individual(个别的;单独的;个人的) style of doing things. 38.The company is out to capture(夺得,获得) the European market. 39.We use the hall for multiple(许多的;多种多样的) purposes. 40.In order to conclude the transaction(交易;业务),we accept your price. 41.What is your favorite brand(品牌的) of electronic dictionary? 42.California has many immigrants(移民) from other states. 43.We need to write dedicated(专门的;专业的) computer programs specifically designed for the task. 44. Our company's philosophy(理念;哲学) is to listen to our customers and make them satisfied. 45.Weigh out all the ingredients(成分;原料) before you start making the cake. 46.He runs his sandwich chain as a franchise operation. 47.The new trade figures have just been released(推出,发行)

48.From his earliest years he showed exceptional ability in mechanics(特别的;优秀的). 49.The radio program has many distinctive(有特色的,与众不同的) features highly appreciated by the audience. 50.The work is demanding(过分苛求的,要求严格的),but he finished it with great success.三、翻译1.公司所有规章制度都应严格遵守。

(observe) All the company rules and regulations must be strictly observed. 2.和这些同学在一起我们应随便一些。

(casual) We should be casual when we stay with those students. 3.上述所说的是一些在职场环境中都非常有用的交际技能。

(setting) The above-mentioned are some communication skills that are very useful in an office setting. 4.我们有一个专业的团队来营销我们的产品。

(professional) We have a professional team to market our products. 5.你知道今年流行黑衣服吗?(trendy) Do you know black clothes will be trendy this fall? 6.与其求人,不如求己。

(rely on) We would rather rely on ourselves instead of seeking help from others. 7.新车必须符合国家标准。

(comply with) New vehicles must comply with national standards. 8.我们公司的一些年轻人可能会来寻求你的建议。

(seek) Some young people in our company may come to seek your advice. 9.我把咖啡洒了一桌。

(spill) I spill coffee all over my desk. 10.会上要求我们每个人都提出建议。

(contribute) We were all asked to contribute ideas at the meeting. 11.水果在运送时容易腐烂。

(perishable) Fruits are perishable during transportation. 12.负责的军官在战斗中受了重伤。

(in charge) The officer in charge was wounded badly in the battle. 13.显然那间公寓一直没有人住。

(apparently) Apparently,no one has been living in that flat. 14.他在退休之前领到了一笔补偿金。

(payoff) He got a payoff before the retirement. 15.经理正在把工作分配给几个工作人员。

(assign) The manages is assigning the mark to several clerks. 16.他们正在努力寻找和平解决这种冲突的办法。

(solution) They are working hard to find a peaceful solution to the conflict. 17.你得确保你已为未来的工作做好了准备。

(ensure) You need to ensure that you are fully prepared for your future job. 18.在他们的帮助下,我们最后完成了我们的任务。

(accomplish) With their help,we accomplished our task in the end. 19.三个月后,他终于在一家大型的电脑公司找到了一份工作。


Three months later,he finally secured a job with a large computer company. 20.经理拒绝给他解释的机会。

(deny) The manage denied him the chance to explain. 21.我们正要前往机场时史密斯先生来了。

(set out) Mr.Smith arrived just as we were setting out for the airport. 22.玛丽放下手里的工作去帮忙准备明天的会议。

(put aside) Mary put aside her work to help prepare for the meeting tomorrow. 23.我们都有资格享受同等的法律保护。

(be entitled to) We are all entitled to equal protection by the law. 24.关于这个项目,他们有不同意见。

(regarding) They had different opinions regarding this project. 25.昨天我留下加了一会儿班。

(extra) I stayed and did some extra work yesterday. 26.为了赶上她的同学,她学习非常努力。

(in an effort to) She has been studying very hard in an effort to catch up with her classes. 27.电视提供大众化的娱乐。

(universal) Television provides universal entertainment. 28.我们怎样才能提高顾客的忠诚度?(loyalty) How can we improve customer loyalty? 29.请你方便时给我们记一份你们最新的产品目录。

(convenience) Please send us a copy of your latest catalog at your convenience. 30.他手头的工作太多了,不能跟我们去野餐。

(on hand) He has too much work on hand to go picnicking of readers everywhere. 31.这则广告会引起各地读者的注意。

(capture) The advertisement will capture the attention of readers everywhere. 32.新闻节目是通过卫星传送到我们这里来的。

The news program came to us via satellite. 33.请通知全体员工参加明天的会议。

(notify) Please notify all the staff to come to the meeting tomorrow. 34.在展览会上你会看到诸如 IBM、 SONY、 NOKIA 等许多世界著名公司。

name just a few) (to You can see many world-famous companies at the exhibition:IBM,SONY,NOKIA,to name just a few. 35.东方文化会在这方面起积极作用。

(positive) Eastern culture can play a positive role in this aspect. 36.我们必须改革并开发更多的产品来满足顾客的需求。

(innovate) We have to innovate and develop more products to meet the needs of our customers. 37.他们公司将于 7 月份推出最新的软件产品。

(ralease) Their company will release their latest software in Jully. 38.这一新政策将极大地改变人们在办公室的工作方式。

(substantially) This new policy will substantially change the way people work in an office. 39.他的新工作报酬不错,但要求也很高。

(demanding) His new job is well paid,but highly demanding. 40.她每个月给家里寄 500 元钱。

(remit) She remits 500 yuan to her family every month.